The transparent and easily verifiable balancing model on which the calculator is based conforms to recognized methods for Life Cycle Assessments and Carbon Balance Calculations. The calculator program makes it possible to define the CO2 emissions of a print job in a differentiated and thorough manner in accordance with the job size. The most important calculation parameters of a print job-related CO2 balance are taken into account. The stored CO2 factors of the calculation parameters are determined with the utmost care, if anything erring on the safe side. These and further calculator functions are updated continuously by evaluating recognized databases and other trustworthy sources of data. The calculator program also permits working with reliable in-house CO2 factors. The balancing model is adaptable at any time to correspond with the particular data circumstances or changing situations.


The CO2-Calculator is available to member companies of the Climate Initiative who are responsible for using it carefully. Control functions provided by the Printing and Media Industries Federations support users in handling the CO2 -Calculator, enabling them to demonstrate to their customers their commitment to climate protection. In a market-oriented manner, printing companies can offer an additional service to their customers through clear identification of CO2 emissions from main sources like materials, production and disposal. A Seal of Quality – "Print CO2-verified" – especially created for the CO2-Calculator can be used. This makes it clear that the calculator has been developed to meet the specific requirements of the printing industry.