Sponsored climate projects

CO₂ reduction projects of the climate protection model

To compensate for greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of the climate protection model with ARKTIK, certificates are generated only for premium-quality Gold Standard projects.

The Gold Standard is an independent quality standard for climate protection projects. Co-founded by the WWF, it is solely awarded to projects proven to reduce greenhouse gases, whilst simultaneously benefitting the local environment and sustainable social development. All projects are tested on location by a UN-recognized authority. The seal “Approved Certificate Management” in accordance with TÜV NORD TN-CC 002 guarantees that ARKTIK offsets 100% of the CO₂ emissions.

Together with ARKTIK , the Climate Initiative of the Printing and Media Industries Federations presently offers the following Gold Standard climate protection projects to compensate for CO₂-emissions:

Reduction of Smoke Emissions, Kenya

The objective of the project is to distribute energy-efficient cook stoves and water treatment systems to households and institutions in order to reduce the consumption of biomass associated with cooking and water treatment.
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Wind power in Mut District, Turkey

In the northern area of the Mut District, 11 wind turbines produce enough clean energy for approximately 50,000 local households. The annual emissions reductions are estimated to be approximately 70,000 tons of CO₂ each year – that equals the amount of CO₂ that around 25,000 cars in Germany emit on average each year.
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Efficient Cook Stoves, Mali

Efficient cook stoves in Mali reduce the fuel consumption needed and, thus, save about 850 kg CO₂ with each stove every year. In doing so the deforestation of the scarce tree population is curbed. As a result, less carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere and the ecosystem with its flora and fauna is protected.
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Reforestation, Panama

This project in Panama combines reforestation of indigenous mixed forests with the fair production of cocoa in UTZ-quality. As one of the first forest projects per se, it was awarded the prestigious Gold Standard. The acreage for cocoa is the first agro forestry area to be awarded this Standard.
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Efficient Cook Stoves, India

Efficient cook stoves significantly reduce CO₂ emissions in the Indian district of Visakhapatam. This saves a huge amount of CO₂ per year and additionally creates jobs through local production.
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Wind Energy, Taiwan

The wind farms are located on the west coast of Taiwan and produce about 500 GWh of electricity per annum – clean energy for around 110,000 households and an important step for the expansion of renewable energy in Taiwan.
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