The CO2-calculator

The transparent and easily verifiable accounting model on which the calculator is based represents a life cycle analysis, limited however to the impact parameters of CO₂. The functional unit is the print job. Methods for Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Balance Calculations were applied. The accounting model has been developed through consultations within the BVDM (Printing and Media Industries Federations) and with other institutions. The level of awareness and experience flowed into product design. The calculator program makes it possible to define CO₂ emissions of a print job differentially and conscientiously in accordance with the order volume and getup of print products. The most important calculation parameters for a print job-related CO₂ balance are considered. The stored CO₂ factors of the calculation parameters are determined with the utmost care and are robust, that means measured on the safe side. This and further calculator functions are updated continuously to the latest level of knowledge. Internationally recognized databases and other reliable sources of data and industry surveys of the BVDM (Printing and Media Industries Federations) will be evaluated for this purpose. The calculator program also allows companies to work with their own reliable CO₂ factors. The accounting model can be adapted to the respective data situation, or changing situations, at any time.