How to participate in the climate initiative

Minimal costs – maximum performance

Following in-house-training you have access to the CO₂-calculator of the Printing and Media Industries Federations along with the logo “Member of the BVDM (Printing and Media Industries Federations)-climate initiative“ for your marketing.

For every compensated print job you receive the logo “Printed Co₂-climate-neutral“ with the associated ID number, which can also be called up from this Website. You can also calculate and offset all your CO₂-emissions annually.

For a one-time annual fee you can produce as many CO₂-balances as you wish. On request, our consultants will also draw up the energy or site balance for your company. Then only the CO₂-certificates ordered by your customers need to be paid for.


I`m interested in becoming a member of the climate initiative. Please send me details without obligation.

Do you have any questions about the climate initiative?

Julia Rohmann
Printing and Media Industries Federations
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10117 Berlin

Telephone +49 (0)30 20 91 39 0