Climate-neutral print production with the Climate Initiative of the Printing and Media Industries Federations

Climate Initiative services

  • Training & annual audits
  • Energy consulting
  • Software »CO2-Calculator«
  • Offsetting emissions
  • Quality assurance
  • Scientifically checked
  • DIN and ISO conformity

How does climate-neutral printing work?

The Climate Initiative of the Printing and Media Industries Federations enables print products and packaging to be produced in a climate-neutral manner.


This package consists of various services and a software tool.

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Training and annual audits

Our consultants provide you with on-site assistance in acquiring the necessary data and train your staff in using the CO2-Calculator.

At the same time, we jointly draw up a comprehensive climate model for your company that contains all important CO2 sources:

  • The infrastructure of your company
  • Materials and distances from suppliers
  • Energy consumption
  • Disposal of residual materials


With the CO2-Calculator, you can calculate greenhouse gas emissions for individual print products.

At present we offer our services for:

  • Sheetfed offset
  • Web offset
  • Newspaper offset
  • Digital printing
  • Gravure printing
  • Packaging printing
  • Printing envelope

Neutralizing CO2 emissions (compensation)

After the calculation you can offset the CO2 emissions for individual print products. This is done through investing in top-quality climate protection projects, thus making your print products climate-neutral. In this initiative we work with ARKTIK.


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Quality assurance

Every climate-neutral print product is checked by our consultants and is given a logo with a unique Identification Number. With this number, your customers and the consumers can track the results in the Internet.


You also receive a certificate that verifies offsetting of the emissions.

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With the CO2-Calculator you can produce climate balance sheets for offset, digital, and gravure printing products and offset the greenhouse gas emissions online.

Our calculations are scientifically checked and conform to DIN and ISO regulations

Cooperation partners

Many manufacturers are already Climate Initiative cooperation partners:

Climate Initiative members

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