The BVDM (Printing and Media Industries Federations) climate initiative. Now produce a climate balance with the software from Printplus

From now on, participants in the Printing and Media Industries Federations climate initiative can automatically access the calculations for CO₂-emissions of print products from the Management-Information Software (MIS) Printplus DRUCK. A prerequisite is the latest update 2018.0.0.10 from Printplus DRUCK.
The climate initiative of the BVDM (Printing and Media Industries Federations) now offers more advantages. Over the new interface between the federations` CO₂-calculator and the MIS-software Printplus DRUCK, it is easier for printing companies to show their customers production-related emissions.

The calculation can be performed automatically with MIS accessing the BVDM (Printing and Media Industries Federations) CO₂-calculator and returns the corresponding values to MIS. This enables the CO₂-emissions of a print job to be predicted at the quotation stage by pressing a button and, after the job is completed, compensated for and thus produced in a climate-neutral manner.
Also the logos and certificates that customers like to receive as proof of their commitment to climate protection can be automatically downloaded in the MIS from Printplus. This provides customers with maximum transparency as regards the environment compatibility of their jobs or rather the possibilities for compensation via CO₂-reduction projects and a preview of the costs involved.

“With all this, we are pleased to make another important contribution to simplifying climate protection in the field of printing“, comments Julia Rohmann, consultant for environment protection at the BVDM (Printing and Media Industries Federations).

Alex Sturzenegger, Managing Director of Printplus, explains: “With the automated calculation, printing companies in particular can save time and money because they no longer need to separately log in and calculate.“